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Our Administrator, Steve Nee, recently recognized our chaplain, Pastor Ronnie Case, for his 44 years of dedication and hard work of ministry to Grace Baptist Church. Pastor Ronnie also celebrated his 44 years of service with his home church this weekend.  Steve and the team at South Pittsburg continued their celebration as they joined the pastor for lunch and continued to celebrate this honor and achievement.

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The Bridge at South Pittsburg has begun contributing a weekly ‘Ask a Nurse’ column to the local newspaper. To read the first column, see below (click image to enlarge).

South Pitt Nurse Column


This past week, our elders and staff got to enjoy the Reflect-N-Us Art Gallery. This art gallery is a chance to showcase some of our elders artistic abilities. Our elders really worked hard on their submissions for this gallery. There were many who submitted peices that just blew us away. We had many submissions to our gallery and in all Signature Healthcare had over 600 submissions. We now ask that you take the time to visit the Relfect-N-Us website to view the submissions and show our elders some support by voting for the peices you like most. The website that hosts the art and allows for voting can be found at http://reflectnus.com.

Cody Blevins – Quality of Life Director

Our elders just arrived back to our home from the wonderful Incline Railway in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is the steepest railway in America at a 72.7% grade. This small section of steep track has been coined “America’s Most Amazing Mile”. I have to say it does not fall short of its name by any measure. Sitting on this train you ride backwards up the steepest hill you have ever seen and watch the earth disappear to the front of you. It is an amazing experience with a ton of history associated with the area.  It was a first time for me as well as some of our elders but we all encourage anyone interested to try and take a trip to this attraction as it is definitely something you will never forget!

Cody Blevins- QOL DIRECTOR

For the Fourth of July, our elders came together for a time of celebration and fellowship. We had a very good turnout with many staff members, family members, and members of the community all coming together to enjoy some good food and a good show. The weather was nice and the atmosphere was joyous as all of us took the time to enjoy each other and reflect on why we get to enjoy this great country and the freedom that is so sparse in other areas of the world. From The Bridge at South Pittsburg we would like to thank all of our veterans for doing what they do and the sacrifices that they and their families have made that allow us to live a life of freedom!

This past week our elders took a short trip to Chattanooga to enjoy dinner at the historic Beas Restaurant. Beas has been a tradition in Chattanooga for quite some time now. The restaurant is comprised of circular tables that are piles with food that rest on a round pedestal that can be rotated giving everyone access to all the choices. Beas is famous for their wonderful homestyle cooking with choices such as fried chicken, pinto beans, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, green  beans and more, not to mention the delicious cherry cobbler we were able to enjoy for desert. Our elders loved this trip and I can assure you it will not be our last visit!


This past weekend our elders decided they would like to go see the movie Godzilla! The movie was action packed and a must see if I must say so myself. Our elders absolutely loved going to see this movie and on the way to the movie theatre they all seemed to have many memories that surrounded the original movie that was debuted in 1954. They recalled how it was so exciting back then and that it was definitley one of a kind. After the movie they could not stop talking about their favorite scenes on the way back and discussing how it was so different from the very fake model towns and dolls that were used so long ago. We had a great time on this trip and it gave me some insight personally into how our view of the world and our technology has changed over such a short period of time!

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George Blevins was one our Elders who were recently able to attend the 2014 Signature HealthCARE vacation to sunny Panama City Beach, Florida.

The memories made and the time we spent together will forever hold a special place in my heart. The time George spent in Florida was a fun and exhilarating time away from the normal day to day he had experienced lately. George had told us that he had not left the facility in over five years, so this was something he did not think would happen, especially to board a plane and fly to the beach to enjoy the sun and palm trees.

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This was the week of Memorial Day, a day we take to offer praise, honor, and grievance to those who have lost their lives serving our great country. There was a request by one of our elders to visit the National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN. She had stated that it would be a great pleasure to visit the gravesite of her ex-husband who was a veteran and served during the Vietnam War. He  passed away in November of 2013 and since then she has not been able to visit the site of his burial.

We loaded up a group of our veterans and the lady who made the request and ventured off to pay our respects. It was a very touching day for all of us. Our elder shared her story with us and we all sat and listen as we heard a great story that spoke of the love that holds two people together through eternity. We then took our time as we visited the different monuments located throughout and paid a visit to the site of the first four soldiers that were ever awarded The Medal Of Honor. Visiting a site such as this really puts into perspective the sacrifice that was made in order for us to live the life we so easily take for granted. Many of the elders in our homes across the country have helped to preserve this way of life for us and on behalf of The Bridge at South Pittsburg and Signature Healthcare I would just like to thank each and every one of you as well as the families of those whose loved ones have upheld the image that our American flag represents. You are all wonderful people and without you we would not have a scrap of what we have today.

God Bless you all!

–Cody Blevins, QOL Director

Well, the time has come and gone and the memories were made! We have officially returned from our three day vacation to Panama City Beach Florida. George Blevins and Scott Worley flew out with us on the morning of the 18th and began a series of events that I will never forget. We had an amazing time from eating one pound hotdogs to lounging on the beach. The sun was beating and the palm trees were swaying as we made our way around the beach and city on our six seater golf cart, making sure to honk at every singly person we saw. The elders had a blast.

Scott  stated, ” I had no idea that I would still be able to do something like this, thank you so much.”

George got a dose of the sun and can’t let go of it. Since we’ve returned to our home, George has been seen out in the courtyard with no shoes, no shirt, and no problems catching rays and enjoying the outdoors.

While in Panama we made a visit to Gulf World to watch the dolphins, enjoyed amazing Key Lime Pie at Magaritaville, enjoyed live fire juggling,  and looked out at the vast ocean and listened closeley as the voice of God seemed to roll up on the beach with each wave. This was a time I know I will treasure for the rest of my life and these guys are ready to go back today if arrangements were made! I personally would like to thank Signature Healthcare for everything they do for our Elder’s as well as us, this is a company that truly cares for our Elder’s and it shows everyday!

–Cody Blevins, QOL Director